My Secret way of downloading from any website

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I'm proud to give you this tip or short tutorial. It's a really cool thing if you know ways of going around things.
This is about using an advanced search term in google to download softwares, music or any file.
Searching for information in Google is not only about typing in keywords.

There are also advanced search strings that can get you advanced results like the one I'm giving our now. I have used this to get many softwares out there that are supposed to be for sale. One cool thing about this where for-sale softwares are concerned is that I discovered that most of these softwares are overpriced.
Without further ado

To download lets say oliver.mp3 without going into any website, type this into Google

"intitle:index of" oliver.mp3

Here is an advanced option to specify the type of file you want. Say you want to get Spongebob's wallpaper, you could search it like this:

"intitle:index of" (.jpg) spongebob

You will see a list of servers with that name and extension. Download anyone you want from there.
You can use this for any file type you want.

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