Display Google Adsense Ads on Your Blogger Blog With Mobstac

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Mobstac is an online service that provides a mobile viewing platform for your blog. The internet is now being accessed more and more by mobile devices nowadays and it is your responsibility as a blogger to ensure that the people who view your site on mobile devices have a good viewing experience when they visit your site.

Mobstac helps in rendering your site in a very mobile-friendly form and the good part is that you can integrate your Google Adsense Ads into your mobstac powered mobile blog.

It is also possible to make your blogger blog render in the mobile format automatically by default without using Mobstac. How to pull this off:
  • Log in to your blogger account
  • Head over to Settings >> Email and Mobile
  • Click on Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.
  • Choose any theme you want
  • Save your changes
mobile template

That's all! Your blog will now render in mobile format on mobile devices such as Smart phones.

How To Enable Mobstac Mobile Rendering for Your Blog
  • Go to this address
  • Sign up for a new account and log in (I suggest you use Gmail address because I had diffifulties using my Y!mail address
Tip: Do not click on the activation link from your email now
  • Enter your blog address and choose from the 3 available themes for now
  • Select Go Live and then go back to your dashboard
  • Check out the Settings and Category tabs and select the settings that you prefer
  • Now check your email address and click on the activation link
The next thing to do is to put the Mobstac code in your Template
In order to do this:
  • From your blogger account, go to Design >> Edit HTML
  • Backup your template before making any modifications if you're not a pro with this
  • Look for the <head> tag
  • Place your code immediately after that head tag and save your template
Your blog is now visible in the Mobstac mobile format

How To Display Adsense on Mobstac mobile platform
  • Log in to your Adsesnse account
  • Create an In-line link unit if you did not have one before
  • From your Mobstac dashboard, click on Advertising tab
  • Select Google Adsense
  • Enter your publisher ID in the provided space

If you don't know how to get your publisher ID, get your inline text code from your Adsense account. You will find it after the text google_ad_client
So copy the code (It's like pub-12345678908xxxx)
  • Also copy the Ad ID(Channel ID). It's the one after the text google_ad_slot
  • Enter these codes in the required spaces in your Mobstac Dashboard

configure adsense mobstac

Save the changes and check to see what you've done

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