Disqus Comment Box: How to Replace Blogger's comment box with Disqus

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Blogger comes with a good comment box by default and it's okay but you can also get a better performance and functionality from other third party integration such as the one offered by Disqus.

Disqus offers the following features:

Disqus comment box - TechBase

  • Realtime comment system
Comments become more like live discussions with realtime posting and updating. By offering a faster, more intuitive experience.
  • Notification and reply system
The notification system lets people know when they've received a response. Best of all, they can continue the conversation straight from the email.
  • Inline media embedding
Full integration with media services such as Youtube, Flickr, and more. Attach media such as photos and videos right within the comments
  • Mobile commenting
Fully compatible with mobile websites for commenting while on the go. The default mobile theme is formatted with smartphones, like the iPhone or Android phones, in mind.
  • Community profiles
These profiles can be popped up inline with comments, giving you a quick glance of the user and his activity on other communities.
  • Social integration
Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, and more. Let people login, comment, and share using social services they already use and love
  • Liking and sharing
People can rate what they like by liking pages or comments and then sharing that on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.
  • Moderation tools
Powerful and easy-to-use tools helps you keep your community under control. The moderation panel is designed for managing a large volume of incoming comments.
  • Spam Control
The Disqus technology keeps spam and unsavory people out of your community. The anti-spam continually learns from the rest of the Disqus network to keep your site safe.
  • Blacklists and whitelists
Make daily moderation easier with granular control over who gets to contribute within the community. Disqus gives you powerful tools such as blacklists, whitelists, and word filtering.
  • SEO-friendly and local sync
Disqus offers plugins and integration methods that ensure compatibility with search engines.
  • Activity streams
Audiences stay engaged with insight into others' activity all over the web. Integrated activity streams let people see where else the smart people are talking. Read more

Disqus Installation:
Before installing, make sure that blogger's comment is on. To do this: 

  • Log in to your blogger account
  • Go to settings 
  • Under Settings, click Comments >> Select Show (comments)
Show and hide comment - TechBase
  • Also ensure that Who can Comment is set to Anyone
After you have done all these

  • Head over to www.disqus.com and Sign Up. It's free!
Disqus installation 1 - TechBase

  • Enter a few details like your twitter username
  • Choose your blog platforms. Disqus supports all the major blog platforms and even normal websites too
Disqus installation 2 - TechBase

  • Select the blog you're using. In this example, it's blogger.
  • It will be automatically installed as a widget on you blogger blog
  • That's all! You can now check you blog to see what you've done


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becky try to make sure you installed the discus widget properly. your blogger template too might have an effect on the way it works

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