Download Free WMV to AVI Converter Software Free

download free wmv to avi converter

This app is a simple software with a very simple to use interface. You can easily convert WMV video files to AVI format. 

Download CSS Menu Generator

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CSS Menu Generator is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tool that assists the web designer in quickly generating Navigation Menus for web pages.

With this tool you can easily create custom CSS powered navigation menus on the fly in a complete WYSIWYG environment

How to Add Facebook Like Box and Feedburner Subscription to a Blogger Blog

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One of the ways of getting traffic to your blog is through social media such as Facebook. You will however only get a substantial amount of traffic only when you have many followers. To get people to like your Facebook fan page is not that easy unless you do something to catch your viewers attention or offer something in return for a Like.

How to Create Prov File for Nokia S40 Phones Online

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s40 phones

I created a post on how to do this some months ago but this tutorial needs updating so I'll just quickly show you how to go about it the new way. 

In the earlier post the site to create the prov was but since they have now moved to things are much different now. You need to register and create an account before you can generate prov files for your phone.

Download Advanced Task Manager/Process Explorer

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advanced task manager

This is yet another cool product from Glarysoft. In an earlier post I wrote about the Absolute Uninstaller from Glarysoft. You might want to check it out. It's another good product from them.

The Security Process Explorer is a substitute for Windows Task manager and it comes with extra features with more functionality and applications

Absolute Uninstaller: Uninstall and Delete all Traces of a Windows Program

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Absolute Uninstaller is a program that can be used in uninstalling Windows programs. Unlike Windows' Add/Remove program, it is more powerful as it can uninstall applications completely without leaving broken registry keys and or unnecessary files (junk files) on your hard drive.

How to Add TextArea to Hold Codes Inside Blogger posts

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This is what the title of this post is talking about:

I actually got this idea from a number of blogs and while studying it I was able to come up with my own version of this textarea. It is mostly used in forms (contact forms) but as a blogger you can employ it in holding codes for your tutorial posts. In the past I used to differentiate my codes from the rest of the post by giving the text its own light yellow bg color, font color of green and a consolas font face.

The HP ENVY Laptop Series Review

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hp envy laptop
The HP Envy laptop series is a very classy looking laptop that can really make your friends envious of you, I guess. After going through its features on the HP Envy site I felt that its worth a review so I'm going to point out its general features and you could check it out if you are planning to buy a laptop soon.

TechBase Giveaway

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There are a couple of improvements currently going on with TechBase and one of it is the new Facebook fan page. Another improvement is the newly added related posts feature below the posts. This is meant to help my readers get more from what I have to offer here. Just in case you want to know how I have done these things; don't worry, I am definitely going to make posts on all the changes. Just make sure you are subscribed to TechBase posts.

The New Dell Alienware X51 Mini HD Gaming PC Review

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PC Game lovers ought to have an Alienware computer because the specs are awesome and it can very well satisfy every game's resource thirst. What is a PC game without competent hardware? I know too... : ) The Alienware series are manufactured by Dell Computers and they are specially optimized for gaming and high end graphics. The Alienware X51 offers powerful digital entertainment, several customization options and also the option to upgrade its components. They come in Desktops and Laptops.

How to Submit Your Blogger Sitemap to Google

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Sitemaps are very important for SEO because it gives the search engines the proper path to find, crawl and index your blog pages. In an earlier post I explained how to submit sitemap to bing. The procedure for giving your sitemap to google is not too different from that of Bing.
For google all you need do is to make a one-time submission based on the number of posts you have. Just like I said in the previous post, sitemaps are one of the factors for getting your blog high up in the SERPs.

Download Photoshop Layer Styles and Brushes Free

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photoshop layer styles

Adobe Photoshop is every Web designer and or blogger's close friend. We all need it to design logos, banners, backgrounds and pretty much anything that has to do with design that relates to our website/blog. In order to be able to do stuffs with Photoshop fast you need some preset tools to get the job done. Layer styles are ways of getting your work done on time because they save you the hassle of trying out different procedures to get the job done. I have packaged some really beautiful styles which I've been using myself.  From the picture above you can see that they are a lil bit much. I hope they come in handy for you.

Simple But Important SEO Procedures for Bloggers

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search engines
In my recent post on how to submit your blogger sitemap to bing/yahoo, I outlined some basic SEO strategies that you should do to improve your Search Engine Rank Position (SERP) and traffic. Below are the points again
  • Getting Quality backlinks
  • Writing quality content
  • Using the right keywords
  • Submitting your Sitemap to Google, Bing/Yahoo
  • Creating Videos and linking them to your blog
  • Submitting your site to Directories

How to Add Your Blog Site Map To Bing/Yahoo

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search engine optimization
Every blog or website needs good and quality SEO in order to become visible in the search engines and ultimately gain a good amount of traffic.

There are several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that can be employed in getting your blog/website good traffic from the search engines and a very imporatant one of the procedures is submitting a site map to them.

Review: Firefox for Android and its Features

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Firefox is full of innovations that let you type less, browse more and get to the Web quickly and easily and now with the new Firefox for Android, browsing cannot get better on your Android Smartphone

The Awesome Screen learns your favorite sites so you can browse with little or no typing.

Blogger Template: Download the Super Clean Blogger Template Free

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Super Clean is a free premium blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, gallery-styled, web 2.0 design, rounded corners, minimalist, exclusive design for Blogger, slideshow, neutral colors and posts thumbnails.

How to Install Blogger Templates

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Blogger itself gives you the option to choose from a wealth of available templates but the available blogger templates are not the best. There are numerous templates available for you to download and use on your blogger blog. Installing your template in blogger is very easy. Just follow the simple steps below.

To install a blogger template, log in to blogger and go to the Design tab
Next click on the Edit HTML tab and first of all download your current template. You should so that you can easily revert back to your previous template just in case you run into problems while installing your new template.

Download White Magic Icon Pack

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Presenting an excellent set of icons to use on your blog or website. If you have a blog or website that has a white theme you should get this icon set.
This is a very lovely icon set and looks milky and pretty. It is my current and preferred set of icons.
See screenshot of some of the icons and they available in PNG format.

Windows Theme: Download Android Honeycomb Transformation Pack For Windows

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich Transformation pack theme for windows is really beautiful. If you have been using the ordinary Windows 7 Theme you should try this theme as it gives your PC a total new look and feel.
See the screen shot below:

No More Weak Cell Phone Signals: Boost Cell Phone Signal in your Building with Cell Phone Signal Booster

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angry man
Ever been in an underground tunnel where cell phone signal is weak? Are you living in an area where cell phone reception is not that strong? Your worries are over as you now have a device that can boost and improve cell phone signals within a building. It is called a Cell Phone Amplifier.

Sometimes the reason for a weak signal on your phone is that there might be a shortage of base cover in your area, a shadow effect of wireless transmission or building shielding effect.

Download Nokia PC Suite Version 7.1.5

I believe that many Nokia users know about Nokia PC Suite. Just in case you do not know much about it then read on to learn more about the app and how to make the best use of it.

With Nokia PC Suite you can edit, store, and synchronize your Nokia mobile phone data with a PC and it has the following applications:

The Intel® Core™ i7-3960X Processor Extreme Edition (15M Cache, 3.30 GHz) Specs

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Intel Corei7 image
When it comes to processors Intel® processors (processor is also known as CPU) are the best. Intel has been producing good processors since the stone ages. Well, not really but their processors have evolved from the 33MHz speed ones to the 266MHz speed CPUs and to the Pentium 3s to the Dual Core CPUs and now the latest and best generation is the Core i7 series which come with powerful features.

How to Create Prov File Using Java Proxy Generator Software

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I created a tutorial earlier on How to create prov file for Nokia S40(Java) phones online. This post is for those who do not want to go online or just if you want to do it at your own convenience and even add some customizations. Using this Java proxy Generator software, you can easily create prov files. With this software you can set the homepage and even configure the MMS application.
The software is easy to use. Below is a demonstration.