Download Nokia PC Suite Version 7.1.5

I believe that many Nokia users know about Nokia PC Suite. Just in case you do not know much about it then read on to learn more about the app and how to make the best use of it.

With Nokia PC Suite you can edit, store, and synchronize your Nokia mobile phone data with a PC and it has the following applications:

Back up personal data from your phone to a PC.

Restore personal data from your PC to any supported phone.

(Nokia Content Copier)
Synchronise personal data between a phone and a PC. Synchronise

(Nokia PC Sync)
Use your phone as a modem to connect your PC to the Internet. Connect to the Internet

(One Touch Access)
Create, edit, and view the contacts stored on your phone.

Share business cards by multimedia messages or email.

(the Contacts view of Nokia Communication Centre)
Send text messages and multimedia messages from your PC.

View and organise messages into folders.

(the Messages view of Nokia Communication Centre)
Edit and manage calendar entries on your phone. Calendar

(the Calendar view of Nokia Communication Centre)
Transfer files between the phone and the PC. View your phone files and folders on the PC.

Note that you can manage your mobile phone in Windows Explorer as a Windows Portable Device or with Nokia Phone Browser, depending on the operating system and Microsoft software installed on your PC.
File manager
Store images and video clips from your phone on a PC. Store images

(Image Store)
Transfer video files between your PC and phone. Transfer videos

(Nokia Video Manager)
Install games and other programs from the PC on your phone. Install applications

(Nokia Application Installer)
Explore Ovi Music, download and play music on your PC and transfer it to your mobile device. Explore music

(Nokia Ovi Player)
Download Nokia Software Updater from the Internet, and update your phone software for additional functionality and improved performance. Update phone software

(Nokia Software Updater)
Download maps from the Internet and preload them onto your phone for the Nokia Maps application. Download maps

(Nokia Map Loader)

To read more about Nokia PC Suite, download Nokia PC Suite Manual

nokia pc suite

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