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There are a couple of improvements currently going on with TechBase and one of it is the new Facebook fan page. Another improvement is the newly added related posts feature below the posts. This is meant to help my readers get more from what I have to offer here. Just in case you want to know how I have done these things; don't worry, I am definitely going to make posts on all the changes. Just make sure you are subscribed to TechBase posts.

Back to the giveaway...
In order to make you guys aware of the new TechBase Fanpage, I have put together this simple giveaway package so you can see the new fan page and as well get something in return.

This from TechBase is just one of the ways of appreciating my blog visitors by giving out this free package comprising of PC wallpapers, MP3 ringtones, Adroid wallpapers, S60 V5 (5800, 5230) wallpapers. I hope everyone will find something he/she wants in this package. 

The Link will take you to TechBase fan page which I just designed and is looking very good. This is one of the reasons I'm making this giveaway so everyone can see the new fan page and get something in return.

Please show love by liking my fan page and please do not forget to share the fan page if you like it.
Also share your comments here about the fan page and the giveaway package. You can even request for anything and I will surely look into it...
Thank you friends :)


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