Download CSS Menu Generator

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CSS Menu Generator is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tool that assists the web designer in quickly generating Navigation Menus for web pages.

With this tool you can easily create custom CSS powered navigation menus on the fly in a complete WYSIWYG environment

How to Add Facebook Like Box and Feedburner Subscription to a Blogger Blog

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One of the ways of getting traffic to your blog is through social media such as Facebook. You will however only get a substantial amount of traffic only when you have many followers. To get people to like your Facebook fan page is not that easy unless you do something to catch your viewers attention or offer something in return for a Like.

How to Create Prov File for Nokia S40 Phones Online

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s40 phones

I created a post on how to do this some months ago but this tutorial needs updating so I'll just quickly show you how to go about it the new way. 

In the earlier post the site to create the prov was but since they have now moved to things are much different now. You need to register and create an account before you can generate prov files for your phone.

Download Advanced Task Manager/Process Explorer

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advanced task manager

This is yet another cool product from Glarysoft. In an earlier post I wrote about the Absolute Uninstaller from Glarysoft. You might want to check it out. It's another good product from them.

The Security Process Explorer is a substitute for Windows Task manager and it comes with extra features with more functionality and applications

Absolute Uninstaller: Uninstall and Delete all Traces of a Windows Program

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Absolute Uninstaller is a program that can be used in uninstalling Windows programs. Unlike Windows' Add/Remove program, it is more powerful as it can uninstall applications completely without leaving broken registry keys and or unnecessary files (junk files) on your hard drive.

How to Add TextArea to Hold Codes Inside Blogger posts

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This is what the title of this post is talking about:

I actually got this idea from a number of blogs and while studying it I was able to come up with my own version of this textarea. It is mostly used in forms (contact forms) but as a blogger you can employ it in holding codes for your tutorial posts. In the past I used to differentiate my codes from the rest of the post by giving the text its own light yellow bg color, font color of green and a consolas font face.

The HP ENVY Laptop Series Review

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hp envy laptop
The HP Envy laptop series is a very classy looking laptop that can really make your friends envious of you, I guess. After going through its features on the HP Envy site I felt that its worth a review so I'm going to point out its general features and you could check it out if you are planning to buy a laptop soon.