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Etisalat's DotMe is a new feature from etisalat. It's an SMS-based bulletin board service that allows customers to easily share information and stay connected to their contacts anywhere anytime

You can instantly publish information or status updates via SMS from your mobile phone at anytime. The service is entirely based on SMS so having access to the Internet or a smart phone is not necessary.

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Who is a Dotter? Any Etisalat subscriber that posts a message.

What is a Dot? The status message posted to the short code 8900 via SMS

Who can follow a Dotter? Any subscriber on any network in the world that wants to access information posted by a Dotter.

Getting started is easy and no registration is required.  It’s as simple as sending a text.

Dotting (Posting messages on your bulletin board) 
To activate the service compose a text message with whatever status you want to post and send to 8900
For example:

  • Text  I’m out of town on holiday for the next two weeks you can reach me by email
  • Send to the short code 8900
You will receive a confirmation message that your post was successful and the message is active for 30 days or until it is cancelled.

Dotters can post any message and change their status as many times as they want. All status messages can be up to 140 characters long

Visit the product page here for more information.

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