How to set up Your Phone and a Bluetooth to work in your car

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Bluetooth Head set

Having your phone hooked up to a Bluetooth device while you are driving is a great convenience and that is equal to a safe driving. There are no cables involved and you do not have to remember to reconnect whenever you get into the car.
In order to use your phone with a Bluetooth in your car you need

  • A Bluetooth enabled phone
  • A Bluetooth headset, a car speaker device or an in-dash radio with built-in Bluetooth. 
The speakerphone or in-dash system is preferred to the headset as you do not have to put it in your ear everytime
The in-dash type is also good as some have features like turning down your radio when you get a call.

Below are the steps

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the two devices 
  2. Pair the devices. You can do this by making the phone to search for the Bluetooth device and then you can connect them when the search is successful.
  3. Some devices might prompt for a password. Most manufacturers use a default password of 0000
  4. The phone and speakerphone/headset should now be paired. 
  5. You should not need to pair your phone again once you have done it once.


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