There's more to Window's sidebar gadgets: Get more Windows Sidebar gadgets free

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This morning I wanted to note down something when I was working on my laptop and I did not want to open a new note so I opened the windows gadget menu to bring up the notes gadget but it was not there. I guessed the last time I used it was when I was using Windows Vista so I clicked Get more gadgets and I was surprised at the wonderful gadgets I found in Window's gadget gallery.

There's a lot of cool stuffs there that many of us did not know we could have on our desktops. I believe having this gadgets will make you enjoy using your computer more and you can easily access so many functions without opening your browser or an application.

You can listen to music as soon as your desktop is loaded get facebook notifications instantly or even watch live sport and change the view mode to full screen.  All these and many more are available free of charge on windows gadget gallery page. Below is a screen shot of some of my gadgets.

TechBase Windows sidebar gadget

You can get your own gadgets by clicking here

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