Take Control of your Computer with the God Mode Feature on Windows

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God Mode-TechBase
Ever wanted to troubleshoot your PC but do not even know where to begin?
Have you ever tried to make use of a specific Windows system tool but do not know where to find it?
Have you ever felt like being in total control over your PC and not having to run to the computer geeks in order to fine tune or modify your PC to your taste?

Run Virus Infected Programs or visit any untrusted site using Sandboxie

If you are a Windows operating system user then you will definitely come across virus infected programs from time to time. You will come across them more often if you make lots of downloads and also if you like to try out new programs(epecially the free ones).
You would also come across them if you have to crack a program using keygen or patches which are widely available on the internet.
I download programs a lot and I also like to try out and discover new and rare programs. Many times, I also have to get the crack of some program because I don't want to buy the product serial key/activation key ;-)

How to Manually Hunt Down and Disable Virus/malware from Your USB Flash Drive

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Nobody likes it when you insert your USB flash drive into a computer system and it catches a virus. Many people often panic when their USB flash drive catches a virus or they are always so careful how they insert their flash drives in other people's computer systems.
I'm never scared of putting my flash drive in any PC because I know how to see if my flash drive has caught a virus and I also know how to easily remove the virus.
There are different kinds of viruses. I don't know much about them but I know of the following types:

Ping Feedburner to Update Your RSS Feed Immediately

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Ping Feedburner-TechBase

Most bloggers know about blog pinging and why it's important to do that regularly.
Why you should ping your blog. You should because pinging your blog notifies Blog Search Engines, Search Engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated. What you are doing is inviting the search engines to crawl and index your most recent update.