Ping Feedburner to Update Your RSS Feed Immediately

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Most bloggers know about blog pinging and why it's important to do that regularly.
Why you should ping your blog. You should because pinging your blog notifies Blog Search Engines, Search Engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated. What you are doing is inviting the search engines to crawl and index your most recent update.

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However, some bloggers especially the newbies might not know that you can also ping Feedburner

If you are a blogger then you most likely use Feedburner for managing your blog's RSS and email subscriptions. I was working on the mobile version of my blog I created using Mobstac and I noticed that my latest post was not appearing. I really wanted to see it appear so I had to ping Feedburner and it appeared immediately.

Feedburner automatically updates your blog's feed every 30 minutes but you might need to manually update it yourself.

To ping Feedburner, go to Enter your blog address and hit Enter.
This makes your blog feed to be immediately updated

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