Take Control of your Computer with the God Mode Feature on Windows

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God Mode-TechBase
Ever wanted to troubleshoot your PC but do not even know where to begin?
Have you ever tried to make use of a specific Windows system tool but do not know where to find it?
Have you ever felt like being in total control over your PC and not having to run to the computer geeks in order to fine tune or modify your PC to your taste?

If YES is your answer then the Windows God Mode feature is just about what you need to get things done without breaking a sweat. I would say that this feature has been available since the stone age of the Windows operating system. I'm not so sure, really but it sure has been available for quite a while but many people do not know about it.

It is like a folder containing very useful short cut links to all the accessories and tools you need to be in total control over you PC.

Some of the very useful links you will find in the God Mode window:
  • User Account control settings
  • Hard disk management tools
  • File management tools
  • Device management tools(Printer, Bluetooth, USB, Scanners, Cameras, etc)
  • Display settings
  • Font management
  • Input device management
  • Network management tools
  • Performance and information tools
  • Windows recovery tools
  • Windows diagnostic tools
  • Troubleshooting tools
  • Security tools and more
How to activate God Mode
To activate the God Mode feature:
  • Right-click on your desktop or inside windows explorer and select New Folder
  • Give the folder this name
  • Hit enter and the folder icon should change to a Windows-control-panel-looking icon

God Mode-TechBase

God Mode-TechBase

That's all there is to it. Go through the links to see all the available tools and start enjoying making use of them right away.

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