How to Add Your Blog Site Map To Bing/Yahoo

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Every blog or website needs good and quality SEO in order to become visible in the search engines and ultimately gain a good amount of traffic.

There are several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that can be employed in getting your blog/website good traffic from the search engines and a very imporatant one of the procedures is submitting a site map to them.

Before I continue on this topic, let me briefly outline the various ways by which you can perfom good SEO for your site.
  • The first and most important one is Getting quality backlinks to your blog/website (especially dofollow links)
  • The next most important one is creating quality content on your blog/website (almost as good as the first point)
  • Using the right keywords for your blog/website (by doing keyword research)
  • Submitting your site map to Google, Bing/Yahoo
  • Creating videos and linking them to your blog/website through YouTube
  • Submitting your site to Directories
 that you have those few points let's now continue with the topic.
What is a Site Map?
According Wikipedia; A sitemap is the list of pages of a website accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design or a web page that lists the pages on a web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. It helps search engine bots find pages on sites.

Now that you know what a sitemap is I would also like to let you know that the search engines must have your sitemap in order for your web pages to be properly crawled. Crawling refers to the process by which a search engine scans the content of your website, keeping the information in its database.


In this post I will be focussing on how to generate and submit your blogger sitemap to Bing/Yahoo.
Sitemap submission to yahoo used to be done via Yahoo Site Explorer. However, Yahoo Site Explorer and Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools was merged together last year on November 2011. As a result of this webmasters are required to submit sitemaps or perform other tasks using Bing webmaster Tools.

Site Explorer was launched way back in the year 2005 by Tim Mayer to keep a close watch on your site performance on the Yahoo search engine. Now, due to the merging together of Bing and Yahoo you do not need to do your job two ways again with Yahoo and Bing because submitting your sitemap to Bing will have effect on both Yahoo and Bing.

How to Add Your Blog Url to Bing
In order to do this you should first create an account on Bing Webmaster Tools. Before you do this get a Hotmail email account first.
Now follow the simple steps below to create a Bing Webmasters account

  • Once you are logged in and you can see your dashboard click on Add Site

  • Add your blog URL e.g
  • Next, click Submit and you will be prompted to verify your blog ownership.
There are three options to do this but I would like you to select the easiest which is the one that asks you to copy and paste some code into the section of your site.
    • Copy the code and log in to your blogger account.
    • Then go to the design tab and then click on Edit HTML.
    • Now scroll your HTML to where you have the <head> tag  (opening head tag). place the 
    • Save your template and you are through with that
  • Now go back to Bing Webmaster Tools and click on the Verify button
You should now wait for a couple of days (about 3 days) for your blog stats and data to start showing up.
After all these you will then be able to track traffic to your blog. You can add as many sites as you like provided you can verify them.

How to Add Your Sitemap to Bing
It has been established earlier that Bing and Yahoo have been merged so you should now know that whatever you do on Bing Webmaster Tool is also having effect on Yahoo. You also now know that sitemaps help search engines in crawling and consequently indexing your site. You should also now know that submitting your sitemap to the search engine can also be said to be pinging them. Alright now, let's get how to ping Bing. I like that rhyme: PingBing : )

Before we do that let me let you know that the process of pinging your blogger blog is different from how you would do it on a self hosted blog/site. The procedure for doing it for a hosted site involves generating your sitemap in an XML type file which you can actually include a link to on any of your web pages and it will be used by the search engines once the page on which the sitemap is has been indexed. Sitemaps can be generated using sitemap generating software. You can also make use of the free online sitemap generators. You can also manually submit it to Google and Bing.

To add your sitemap to Bing (Ping Bing ; ) )
Note that you must have at least 15 posts to do this.
Use this option if the number of your posts is between 1 and 500
  • Copy the link below
  • Paste it in your browser address bar
  • Replace with your blog URL and enter

Use the above code and this one if your posts are between 501 and 1000

Use this plus the two above if your posts are between 1000 and 1500

To check if the ping is effective, type the URL of your latest post in Bing/Yahoo search bar and see if your blog appears.
If it does not appear check back in at most 5 days after the date of submission. If you don't see it still, repeat the procedures all over again and it should work.

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Oluwajoba, good tutorial. Site maps really have countless significance in SEO. Bing Webmaster Tools provides us with what I call second insight into our site’s behavior just like Google webmaster tools. So it is very essential to submit our sitemap to Bing and Yahoo for better SEPR and traffic.

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