How to Create Prov File Using Java Proxy Generator Software

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I created a tutorial earlier on How to create prov file for Nokia S40(Java) phones online. This post is for those who do not want to go online or just if you want to do it at your own convenience and even add some customizations. Using this Java proxy Generator software, you can easily create prov files. With this software you can set the homepage and even configure the MMS application.
The software is easy to use. Below is a demonstration.

To create a default MTN prov file
  • Start the prov generator software
  • Enter the desired name for the config file(The name it will display in connection settings)
  • Enter the IP address and port number
For the Internet APPLICATION (W-2) part you should enter the homepage you want it to automatically visit when you open your phone main browser(not Opera Mini)
  • Set theAccess point
  • Set the username and password like so:
Java Proxy Generator Software-TechBase

  • Next, click on Generate PROV
Generate prov file

The prov file will be created in the same folder that the software is placed

The next thing to do is send it to your Java/S40 Nokia phone via Bluetooth or copy it to a Symbian OS phone or any other phone that can save and still send it as a prov file through a file explorer software such as FExplorer, Y-Browser, etc.


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