How to Submit Your Blogger Sitemap to Google

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Sitemaps are very important for SEO because it gives the search engines the proper path to find, crawl and index your blog pages. In an earlier post I explained how to submit sitemap to bing. The procedure for giving your sitemap to google is not too different from that of Bing.
For google all you need do is to make a one-time submission based on the number of posts you have. Just like I said in the previous post, sitemaps are one of the factors for getting your blog high up in the SERPs.

In order to submit your blog sitemap to Google you need to get a Google Webmasters account first. This would be easy for you if you already have a Gmail account so I suggest you get one if you don't have. Now go to and you will be prompted to sign in to Webmaster tools.
Click on Sign In to Webmaster Tools.

After signing in you will be shown your dashboard where you can add your sites. Click on ADD A SITE on the right hand side of the screen and enter your blog URL. Click on Continue and you will be prompted to verify the site ownership.

On the same page click on the Alternate methods tab. Select the "Add a meta tag to your site's home page" option.
You will now have a unique meta tag code generated for you to verify your site.
Now log in to your Blogger account. Go to Design >> Edit HTML
Use your browser's find tool to search for <head> (Press Ctrl +F to do this)
Go to your Google webmasters browser tab and copy the verification code, then paste it after the head tag
Now save your template and go back to Google webmasters to click on the Verify button
You should now receive a confirmation that your site has been added

Steps to Add Your Sitemap to Google
After you have confirmed your site ownership head over to your Webmasters dashboard and click on your newly added blog link (not Manage site)
It will take you to the site dashboard
On the left hand side of the screen (Dashboard panel) click on Site configuration and select Sitemaps


Now click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button
Enter the code below in the text area with your blog URL beside it
After that click Submit Sitemap. You may also want to use the Test Sitemap option before you finally submit it to see if it works

The code above is for posts between 1 and 500

If your post count is more than 500 then use the two codes below one at a time

Submit the codes below if your posts are between 1 and 1500

That's all folks! Now wait for your posts to get indexed

I recommend this Scrapebox tutorial package if you have the software
Scrapebox is one of the most powerful SEO software available.


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