No More Weak Cell Phone Signals: Boost Cell Phone Signal in your Building with Cell Phone Signal Booster

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Ever been in an underground tunnel where cell phone signal is weak? Are you living in an area where cell phone reception is not that strong? Your worries are over as you now have a device that can boost and improve cell phone signals within a building. It is called a Cell Phone Amplifier.

Sometimes the reason for a weak signal on your phone is that there might be a shortage of base cover in your area, a shadow effect of wireless transmission or building shielding effect.
All these can lead to dropped calls and poor audibility.

Boost cell phone signals with this mobile repeater in these places:
  • In the underground areas (parking, tunnel, stores)
  • Big office buildings
  • Remote district (country side, camping)
How the Cell Phone Amplifier Works
In order to keep the signal strong enough for comfortable usage of a cell phone the cell phone amplifier was designed. It is a special device designed to intensify the signal that comes from the base station to the phone and vice-versa. In other words, it captures the signal from either the phone or the base station and it boosts it to make it usable.

See the image below

Cell phone repeater

  • The external antenna grabs the low signal from the operator base station and sent to the amplifier
  • The amplifier accepts and boosts the received signal
  • The signal is then sent to the internal antenna
  • After this the amplified signal is sent to the phone
Note that it can also work for your USB dongle Modems

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