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In my recent post on how to submit your blogger sitemap to bing/yahoo, I outlined some basic SEO strategies that you should do to improve your Search Engine Rank Position (SERP) and traffic. Below are the points again
  • Getting Quality backlinks
  • Writing quality content
  • Using the right keywords
  • Submitting your Sitemap to Google, Bing/Yahoo
  • Creating Videos and linking them to your blog
  • Submitting your site to Directories

There are several other ways by which you can rank your site. The methods are endless but I would just focus on the above points for now. It is very crucial to do SEO on your blog at least up to an extent before you start receiving traffic. It is also best to know how exactly to go about it. The methods by which you can rank your blog are constantly changing by the day as Google makes constant changes to its search algorithm in order to reduce spam and avoid junk sites showing up in search results.

Several years back, you could rank your website/blog well by giving it proper Meta tags. You could even actually spam google by stuffing your description and title tags with numerous keywords. SEO was not a pain in the neck then. However, as Google makes changes to its system, we also need to get ourselves updated and act accordingly.

The steps outlined above will work for you but you still need a lot of work to get that stream of traffic you desire. By doing SEO on your blog you want to try to improve your pagerank and gain backlinks as well. A higer Pagerank will improve your visibility on Google. Plenty quality backlinks will improve your SERP and pagerank and it will also give you free traffic depending on the traffic on the particular page on which your link is.

Just in case you're wondering what a backlink is, backlink is a link from your blog (be it the home page or an internal link e.g on another site.

Also pagerank is the score ranging from 0 - 10 that google awards your site based on the number/quality of backlinks, content you have. A new domain would usually have a pagerank of N/A and as it gets backlinks its pagerank moves to zero and then it continues to increase.

Before you SEO your site
I know you are very eager to SEO your site and get it high up in the SERPs but there's just a few things you need to do before embarking on your SEO project. What I'm talking about is simply the on-site SEO which involves your Meta tags optimization. You need to give your blog a good Title, Keywords and description. To do this first think about the keywords that apply to your niche and from this you should coin out your title, keywords and description tags.

How to Change Blog Title and Description in blogger
Log in to your blogger account
Go to the settings and on the basic tab you can change your title
hot to change blogger title

How to Change the Keyword Tag
In order to do this you would need to get into the HTML of your blog template
Go to the Design tab
Click on Edit HTML
Use the find tool to search for <head>
After you have found the tag, scroll to where you have this <title
You can now place your keyword tag anywhere after the head tag or the title tag but before this </head>

<META CONTENT='tech updates, keyword 1, keyword 2' NAME='keywords'/>

Having done all that we can now talk about the SEO procedures. I would like to talk about the second option first because as you might have been seeing it all over the internet; CONTENT IS KING! Moreover, Google's latest algorithm mainly supports content so, we need to take that seriously first

Writing Quality Content
By writing quality content I mean that you should write your blog content from your own head. Do not copy and paste content from another site. I am not saying you cannot learn from other blogs and then write about what you've learnt. I am only saying that your site will actually lose trust and rank from Google if you like to do copy and paste.
You also need to be mindful of your word count. Make sure most of your content has good word count. Dont's be posting 200 word articles all the time. Google bots like to crawl sites that have good content.

Another important point about content is that having many blog posts actually ranks you higher. Google likes to know that you take your blog seriously and you actually have the time to update your content regularly. You should update your blog at least 2 times in a week. This is small though, but even if you are very busy it is achievable. For best results, try to update your blog like 5 times in a day. This can be a tedious job but once you have a lock on how to easily develop post ideas and quickly come up with good articles you would be able to achieve this easily. Even if you cannot do 5 times a day you should be able to do once a day which is still good.

Getting Quality Backlinks
I'm sure you must have wondered "how on earth do I get backlinks?" you can get backlinks from the following sources
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Directories
  • Awrticle Directories
  • Text Link Ads
  • Guest posts on blogs
  • Link Exchange

Using The Right Keywords
Keywords are short phrases that relate to your niche. They are important in finding your blog through search engines. There are several ways in which keywords can be of effect to your site. Keywords are reflected in your meta tags, content, and backlinks.

How To Make a Keyword reflect in your Content
Say you have a blog on the Tech niche and you mainly blog about Tech Reviews, Blogger Tips and so on, you should be using keywords like "blogger tips" "technology reviews" "freebies and downloads" (and so on) in your blog posts. You might also need to make a little keyword research before you start implementing the keywords. Make a google  search on "google keyword tool" to make use of Google's keyword research tool. Beware not to stuff your content with too much keyword though as this is considered as spamming by Big G (Google).

How to Make Your Keywords reflect in your backlinks
You can rank for specific keywords by placing backlinks on other sites with your anchor text as your target keyword. Say you want to rank and get traffic for the "blogger tips" you would create your backlink like this:
<a href="">blogger tips</a>
From the above code, blogger tips is the anchor text and is your url. You can start ranking for that keyword as you increamentally create backlinks with it and if you do it enough you would have your URL on first page of google whenever anyone searches for the word "blogger tips"

Submitting Your Blog Sitemap to Google and Bing
In an earlier post I explained how to add your sitemap to Yahoo/Bing. I am going to make a post very soon on how to submit your sitemap to Google. The steps are straight forward too. You will learn from those two posts how to do this and why it is important. Sitemaps give search engines the right path to crawl and index your pages. Please read this post to learn how to submit your sitemap to Yahoo/Bing and subscribe to receive the post on how to submit your sitemap to Google. I will however update this post and link it to the Google sitemap post.

Creating Videos and linking them to your blog
This is not much of an SEO procedure like the rest but it can get you some traffic
YouTube is the most popular video sharing site with millions of views everyday. You can get a significant amount of traffic by posting videos on YouTube. You can make your viewers visit your site if you watermark your videos with your blog URL.
You can also place a link back to your blog in the description area of the video. You can easily make videos either by capturing your computer screen, recording through your computer web cam or using a digital video camera. Just make a video relating to your niche, post it on YouTube and you will receive some traffic from it. You should also use the right keywords for the video tags. An easy way to get ideas of what to record is to record something about your blog posts. You could explain how to download a software from a website. You could also create a post on that and embed your YouTube video in your blog post.

social bookmarking
Social Bookmarking Sites
You can get quality backlinks from social bookmarking sites bu submitting your posts. Ensure to use the proper title and keywords. One social bookmarking. Below is a list of some of the best social bookmarking sites

There are many forums with several niches on the internet. Most of these forums have the option to include your site URL in your profile details. You can include a link to your blog in your forum posts. However, you should take note of forum rules as you might get a ban from some of these forums if you post a link without meeting a minimum requirement to do this.

Most blogs have a comment form in which you can comment and some of these comment boxes accept links. Some comments have DoFollow properties while some don't. So, make sure you leave a backlink to your blog the next time you comment but don't over-do it and don't put your inks in blogs that are not relevant to yours. This might be counted as spamming.

Directories are a good way to rank your site and also gain instant traffic. However, you should be mindful of the kind of directory you put your links as many of them have already been blacklisted. However, I recomment and Yahoo Directory.

Article Sites
This is one way to get a constant flow of traffic to your blog because many of these article sites have a very high volume of traffic and your articles would actually get indexed on them fast. I recommend thses article sites
Article Base
Ezine Articles
Hub Pages

Text Link Ads
You can gain high quality backlinks from several niche sites when you purchase text link ads. You can purchase text link ads from Google Adwords or Infolinks

Guest Post
You can get a good link juice from other people's blogs by writing a guest post for them and in turn get a back link to your blog. You can contact any blog owner in your niche and ask if the owner would like a guest post in return of a backlink favour. If the blow owner agrees, then write up a very good ariticle and submit it to him.

Link Exchange
You can get a link exchange from a blog or website. This is when there is an agreement to put the other blogger's link on your blog vice-versa.

Another good SEO practice that many bloggers are not aware of is tweaking the image alt tags on their blogs. Search engines do read image alt tags which is an alternate description of your web images if it does not load up. If it doesn't load, the alt title will be displayed in place of the image.

So you can actually give your images specific keywords and it will surely improve your serps.
To do this inside blogger, upload your images normally then switch to the html view of your post editor and search for the image URL you uploaded. You can insert your alt tag immediately after the image extension which is in this format

To insert your alt tag do something like this

Now start SEOing and have fun as you do it

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