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With the launch of the internet giant's (Google) new search algorithm: Panda, the structure and design of website is now much more important. Gone are the days whereby all you needed to rank your website high in the search results was to have a lot of links. It did not even matter even if the links were spammy or not. The more links you had, the higher you ranked for your desired keywords.

As years pass by, webmasters try to perform SEO procedures that get them up in the search results. This means more traffic and as you well know, the more the traffic, the more you make sales for whatever you're selling on your website.

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Some say SEO is dead. However, when I see statements like this on the internet, I always think like "no matter what happens, a website will always rank for a particular keyword. What made that website rank for that keyword is now the big question. A website with a poor on-page SEO or poor off-page SEO will definitely not rank high in the search results.

Google claims that quality content is very important but then, even if you have good content, it still does not get you quality traffic from the search engines. So, it happens that some of the old SEO procedures are still valid and can be used.

What is Google Panda?

The image above says much about it already.
According to Wikipedia Google Panda is change to Google's search results ranking algorith that was first released in February 2011. This change was meant to lower the rank of low-quality sites and favour higher-quality sites.

However, from experience and various articles on the internet not only low-quality sites are affected whenever Google makes an update to the panda algorithm
Google Panda has received many updates since the first rollout.

Google Panda Friendly SEO

content is king

Write Quality Content: Like I said in my last post on SEO: Content is King! Not really though. You might have a lot of content on your site and not have good rankings and as a result get little traffic from Google.
However, it is important to have good, unique and quality content on your site as this is Google's number one priority. The quality of a site is directly proportional to the quality of your content.
You should not copy content. Also you should try to make your content have a minimum word count of 500 most of the time

Take good care of On-page SEO: On-page SEO has to do with little details on your site such as the meta tags, the size of your website, the number of inbound and outbound links, page load time, keyword density and the overall design and layout of your site.

In order to test if your site is  having good on-page SEO, you might want to use online website analysis tools such as Submit Express Meta Tag Analyzer and SEO Workers Website Analysis tool
Those tools will show you what you need to do concerning your meta tags, website size and the rest.
There is also one thing that it might highlight to you. That's your site's authorship. If you have not done that you should do it because it is one of the things Google takes very serious concerning SEO.

Build Quality Backlinks: When building backlinks to your blog, you don't want to build links from untrusted sites, low or 0-pagerank sites to your site. You want to build links to your site from high quality sites with good pagerank and or reputation.

As you should know, a backlink is made up of your URL and an anchor tag. Nowadays, the keywords you stuff in your anchor tags do not really matter as it makes Google suspicious about your link.
So, you should try use generic words mixed with the keywords you want to rank for. By generic keywords I mean words like "click here, my site, check it out, go here". Using anchor tags like these tells Google that your links were created naturally and were not deliberately intended to rank you for particular keywords.

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