Watch TV Programs online for Free

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You can watch TV programs online for free.
Watch TV from all countries of the world for free. You can also use this software as a DVB decoder (satellite TV decoder)
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Features of this TV software:

  • support of the basic types of remote control and possibility of bind keys
  • operation simultaneously with several cards
  • record in all main formats, including *.ts
  • support 3D television
  • original videorenderer
  • convenient scheduler, compatible with MS
  • preview of all channels of the list (Mosaic)
  • support a TV program guide with different extension
  • multilingual interface
  • adjustment of language preferences of audio streams and subtitles
  • support ?64 OS versions
  • possibility of a choice and editing of the interface (Skin Editor)
  • provision able transparent OSD with adaptation for a different ratio of broadcasting format
  • equalizer
  • automatic gain control
  • Built-in PrintScreen
  • adjusted Time shift buffer
  • numeration, sorting and grouping of channels
  • quick search of channels
  • TV program guide and logos in the channel list
  • parental controls
  • possibility of a choice of a demultiplexe
  • color correction of the picture with a profile choice
  • choice of display ratio with cropping possibility
  • automatic update of the program, channel bases, transponders


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