Have You Chosen the right Smartphone?

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Choosing the right smartphone can be tricky. A very common mistake is to guide our choice by adds, friends or comments we've heard, but the truth is that each person is different, we have diverse necessities, and so the type of smartphone we choose must be related to our needs and behavior. For example, the type of smartphone a business owner needs is very different from the one a student should choose. Here are some tips to find out if your choice what the correct one and, in case it's not, you know which one is your type:

Smartphone Operating System

First, start with picking an operating system that fits your work or other needs such as Windows, Android, Blackberry or iOS. This is important to do before picking out the type of phone you want. Also make sure that it complies with your mobile carrier. For example, if you're a business owner you'll do better with an iOS (Apple) than with a Blackberry which has a more simpler operating system.

Smartphone Brand

Next choose the brand you want based on your available budget. Also, some smartphones guarantee a great service during two or three years, whereas some other models have a great performance during the first year but then have a fast decay. For example, Blackberries are very durable and quite popular even in the second hand market and free classifieds sites; Android phones have a shorter life although they have an outstanding performance during the first year. Also keep in mind that many brands operate with one or a limited amount of carrier companies, so watch out which models get the best coverage for you. After this you can move on to the specific features of each different phone.

Smartphone Specs

RAM, or the amount of storage space and memory smartphones have, is an important factor in your choice. This could be the difference between wanting a phone with simpler features or a smartphone with HD video capabilities and storage. This also could determine whether or not you want a phone for taking high quality pictures and other media usage. It also depends on the amount and size of applications you plan to have on your phone; if you plan to have a lot of them and don't want your phone to give you trouble look for one with a larger RAM (for example iPhone). Anyway, it's always useful to check out smartphone comparison sites so you know about every feature.

Screen Size

The size of the smartphone and its screen is important as well. While looking at the phone, be sure to view it from different angles in different shades of light to really determine its quality. Smartphones with larger screens are great for media but less portable; decide what you will use the phone for before you purchase one. Also consider possible incidents. For example if your phone has a touch screen and falls, it will crack completely and it will be costly to change; if you decide to get a Blackberry you won't have this problem since it has a regular keyboard (or at least partially)


Lastly decide what apps are the most fun to play around with! Smartphones offer thousands of apps to make your life easier and/or more fun. So before you pick the brand and operating system, find which ones have the games or devices you like in order to get the most out of your smartphone. Some app stores have certain apps which are free and others are a bit more expensive.

Choosing the right smartphone is not an easy task and it's not surprising that a lot of users think they have chosen the wrong device although it has been recommended by many experts. So consider what your needs are and see what each brand has to offer before you go and put your money on the wrong deal

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