Aero Shake: How It Works and How to Disable It

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The Aero Shake is a Windows 7 feature that I did not even know of in a long time. To know about what Aero Shake is, grab a window in your Windows 7 and shake it, all other windows will be minimized. That's a cool feature right?
It's very useful while you are multitasking. You have a couple of windows open and it gets to a point where you need to have only one window active; you can put the Windows Aero Shake feature to use instead of minimizing all other windows, then bringing up the one you want.

Watch this Video Demonstration

How to Disable Aero Shake
This is a registry hack and I do not recommend it to you if you don't even know what the windows registry is.
But, if you are a computer geek, let's go!

Open Regedit (Hold Down Windows key + R) type regedit and hit enter in the Run dialog box
Navigate to this key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
Right Click on windows, go to Key and create a new DWORD(32-Bit) Value
Name it as NoWindowMinimizingShortcuts

Edit registry-disable aero shake

That's all. You need to log off and then log on again to see the changes.

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