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If you are a free browsing person, I'm sure you will love this post. I am well aware that Privoxy has not been a good boy of late. You discover that you get this funny URL - xxx.yyy.zzz at times when you visit some websites. It is still fast but it's behavior can be annoying and frustrating.

This is why I am giving out another free browsing software. It works on MTN
It's been around for a while and I'm sure many people have been enjoying it. The set back of this software, however, is that it does not browse HTTPS sites. However, there is a work around for that. Although, it does not work all the time. It works for my blogger account though.

Access Blogger Through Proxomitron
  • In order to access Blogger through Proxomitron, First of all use you Privoxy to log into blogger
In order for this to be easy for you, configure the control port of Proxomitron to be 8118.
How to Do This:
  • Open your proxomitron
  • Click Config >> HTTP
  • Click Proxomitron's Control Port
  • Set it to 8118

By doing this, you don't have to change your browser or System's port number everytime. You can just switch between the two software whenever you like.
Note that you can run them simultaneously but you won't be able to browse. So only 1 must be on!
  • After you have successfully logged in, exit Privoxy and start Proxomitron
  • You can now go to your blogger account and all functions will be working very well
This Proxomitron I'm giving away is already configured. In order to get it working
  • Unzip the Files to any location on your PC
  • Click File >> Load Config File >> Select DEFAULT.cfg
  • That's the one-time config you need to do. Afterwards, you won't need to configure it again


How do I get Proxomitron?
You know how we do it on TechBase... Head over to our Fan page on Facebook and you will find the download link there. 


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