How To Check The Backlinks Pointing To Your Blog

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As a blogger, you need backlinks in order for your blog to be seen and recognized by the big G(Google).
You can build backlinks by commenting on blogs, Forums profile or buying text links.

The way I've been building my backlinks is that I make sure that whenever I search for any info and I get a relevant information on what I was looking for on blogs or forums, I make sure that I leave a comment.
Now there is a difference between commenting and spamming. I do not post irrelevant comments on websites or blogs. Many blog comment boxes now have the option for you to enter your website URL. So, what I do is enter my name and URL and then I make a relevant and reasonable comment.

I have seen spammy comments on several blogs and it's not too cool. So, build backlinks for yourself and as you do that you will see an increase in traffic to your blog and as time goes by you will begin to get better SERP(Search Engine Rank Position) from the big G.

How To Check Your Backlinks
There are several ways you can check your backlinks. If you make a search on that you will find many websites and services for that. Many of them are paid and some of them are not. Many of them are not useful too because they do not give you results.

I use 2 services to chech my backlinks and they are Alexa and Yahoo Site Explorer

You would do your blog a lot of good by adding your blog to Alexa if you have not done so.

Reasons Why I Use Alexa or Yahoo Site Explorer
Alexa shows you the very relevant backlinks pointing to your site while Yahoo Site Explorer shows you all your backlinks.
Note that it is better to have quality backlinks (High Pagerank) than to have plenty non-quality backlinks
You get quality backlinks from websites with High Pagerank.

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Roberto Rochus Says:

have installed google toolbar. But why it is not working on my firefox??

Oluwajoba Says:

The toolbar might not be compatible with your current firefox version. try to find new updates for the toolbar for ur firefox or get another type(not made by google) or try installing google toolbar for chrome/other browsers u have. hope this helps :)

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Muhammad Amir Says:

RL. So, what I do is enter my quality backlinks name and URL and then I make a relevant and reasonable comment.

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