How to Create Prov File for Nokia S40(Java) Phones Online

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In order to browse free on Nokia S40 or Java phones you need to create and send your own .prov file to them even if you are using the default settings. If you don't do this, your free browsing config will not work.
To create .prov file first go to this address
  • Select Access >> Click to Proceed
  • Enter your Settings

After generating it look for the downloaded .prov file and send it to your phone through bluetooth. Your phone will prompt you to save it. So, do so, then go to your connection settings and make sure your new settings is selected. Also check that the access point matches.

If you are creating the .prov file from a phone then ensure that you do that from a Symbian phone or any other phone that can save the .prov file so you can send it to your S40/Java phone as a .prov file.

How do I download Prov File Without Symbian Phone?
  • Download it to your Java phone as a zipped file
  • Send it to a China Phone
  • Rename it on the China phone as .prov like this:

Before: My MTN | After: My MTN Settings.prov
Now send it to your Java phone

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Thank You :)

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Cynamix Says:

Very good posts and I just want to add that there is software that can do it offline on PC too!

Oluwajoba Odesanya Says:

cynamix, you're correct. There's a post here in that, too. Thanx

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