How to Download youTube Videos without using any software

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Yes! it is very possible to download any YouTube video without using a software.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world and if you browse the internet once in a while or often you will definitely need to watch some videos on YouTube. Sometimes you feel like having a copy of a favorite video of yours on YouTube and I'm sure some people are aware that you can download the videos using some software and some people don't even know you can do that.
I have downloaded videos on YouTube several times using various software and by now I can say that sometimes these software fail mainly due to a glitch in your internet connection.

However, with this method of downloading YouTube videos without a software, you can get your youTube videos without any breakage by using a download manager such as Free Download Manager.

In order to download using this method you need to have flash player installed on your computer.

Without saying much again, in order to download a video from YouTube without software, modify your url by simply adding "kick" before the main video url. Let me show you.
Below is a normal url of a YouTube video

To download without using software, simply add kick to the url like this:

You will be taken to the download page where you can choose from a number of formats and video qualities to choose from.

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