How to Share your Personal Audio Files on Facebook

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Everyone is aware that you can share your photos and videos on Facebook but not many people know that you can now share and listen to music on Facebook.
I'm sure you must have loved to share your favorite songs with your friends on facebook. I have always wanted to do that.
I know you must now be wondering how you have not noticed the option to upload a music file to your Facebook account. But No, you don't upload directly to Facebook.

Drop Box is an online service that enables you to share your files with your friends and not only on Facebook but for other uses as well. Now let's get to how you can make use of Drop Box.
First create and account here

You will be prompted to to download the dropbox PC client so download it and install it.

After installing it your Sync folder shows up. Any file you put in will be synchronized with your Drop Box account online. However, this can only happen if you are connected to the internet.

You can even create folders and organize your files however you want it but make sure you do all that inside the public folder.

So, in order to share a song on Facebook, copy your song to the Drop Box folder. After it has successfully synced up, Right click on the song file in your Drop Box folder >> Drop Box >> Copy public link

Now log in to your Facebook account and share the link with your friends.
After posting your link on Facebook, your friends will be able to listen to the song on Facebook using Facebook's Audio Player

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