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advanced task manager

This is yet another cool product from Glarysoft. In an earlier post I wrote about the Absolute Uninstaller from Glarysoft. You might want to check it out. It's another good product from them.

The Security Process Explorer is a substitute for Windows Task manager and it comes with extra features with more functionality and applications

Security Process Explorer Features
Give detailed information about every process
Indicates if a process is safe or not
Terminate process with just a click
Block any unwanted processes or virus
Simple and easy-to-use interface

The Security Process Explorer is an enhanced task manager. It provides advanced information about programs and processes running on your PC.
It will display all standard information such as file name, description, directory path, CPU usage, security risk rating and more.

The Security Process Explorer can replace the Task Manager
To do this
  • Click File
  • Select Replace Task Manager
By doing this the Security Process Explorer can be easily invoked instead of Task Manager by using the normal short cuts such as Ctrl. + Shift + Esc or Right Click (on task bar) >> Start Task Manager

However, If you want to switch back to the Windows Task Manager again, just click on the File menu and un-check Replace Task Manager

Security Process Explorer | 1.26MB

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